Tuesday, January 8, 2013

008. Head bump

I woke up late today.
The sun is hiding behind the grey clouds.
The morning air is chilly.
I was getting ready, and the door to my closet collapse on me.
It hit me right on my forehead.
My skull, thank God for strong bones.
Thank you, mom, for forcing hi-cal milk down my throat.
Hey, I am still standing.
Small scratch mark on my forehead, makes me looks like Harry Potter.
Except mine is a vertical line, not a thunder.
That'd be cool.
Bumps appear.
Ice pack on.

I thank God for whatever happened today.
No questioned asked.
Though you always wished everything bad is out of the way.
But learn to be grateful.

Have a good wednesday, everyone.

What incident that you learned to be grateful for?


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