Tuesday, January 22, 2013

009. #TeamTaylor - Little Penang

This post was supposed to be posted like long, long time ago. oopsie daisy~

Ok, let's blame it on my internet connection. I live in Jakarta, when the name of the city itself is mentioned your brain quickly show the images of bad traffics (Thats of course if you've been to Jakarta). You can't expect to have a ZOOM ZOOM internet connection here even if the National Telecommunication Company named their Internet "Speedy" ITS BOGUS I TELL YOU! So the problem is I am unable to post the pictures in here.

But finally I can share with you what happened when we're about to catch the movie Breaking Dawn part 2! Honestly, I was disgusted after watching Breaking Dawn part 1. I don't know about you guys, but I would never guessed that the movie is going to be split like that. The nasty visual of Bella dying and giving birth is nauseating for me. When suddenly her spine just cracked, just plain scary.

So, I don't really care about the part two of the movie. Until my not-so-little sister(a huge fan of Taylor Lautner - the wolf) wants to watch the movie, we joined the long queue on Friday night, thinking we might get a chance to watch (optimist). When we saw only first row seats left, we said to ourselves - "Alright! No biggy. We'll watch tomorrow."

With all that excitement in the bubble and "POP!", the only left thing to do is EAT.

A happy tummy makes a happy person.

So we stroll around and found Little Penang.

There are so many things to choose and try. I could have ordered everything, but I didn't. It was late at night and I am trying to cut down on my intakes. HAHA...

So, I'm down for their Roti Canai and Chicken Curry. (Confession: I thought this was Prata or Naan, but something inside me is telling me,  No its not! So I went and check the receipt.)

The Roti Canai is yum. Crispy and not oily. The chicken curry is thick and strong in flavor. Definitely good for the dipping. Good amount of curry served.

We also try the laksa. My sister said the taste is more to Malaysian Laksa instead of those Laksa where you get in Singapore's hawker center. Oh, how I miss hawker center. 

I also order Soymilk Cendol. I know right. Sooooo interesting, I've gotta try it. Hehehe. Good amount of cendol. The cendol is not tough and starchy. I could taste the soya-taste in the soymilk. It was good.

We agree that we could spend hours just sitting down and chillaxing in there, trying all the food. Hehe (:

I would definitely come back and try other stuff.
Very tasty place. Love it!

Visit Little Penang
Mall Puri Indah UG Floor No. 140
Jl. Puri Agung
Jakarta Barat 11610

I don't receive any financial reward or some sort. Just sharing to everyone a good and affordable place to eat thats worth your money. I'm not a food critic, my taste palette is not like super sensitive or whatever. I just share what I think is nice. Hehe

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