Thursday, December 6, 2012

006. Good Morning

Good morning!
Good morning God!
Thank You for the Sun, shining through the heavy moss green curtain in my room.
Thank You for the air I breath, I am still alive.
Thank You for the water, I can wash my face and brush my teeth.

It's a brand new day.
It means God has given me a chance to be a better person.
It means Life has a new experience for me to learn.
It means Problem is waiting to be solved.

Today, my not so little sister put up together snacks for me. Sweet kid.
She made a sheep-jammed sandwich.
She cut out the bread with a sheep bread-cutter (we got it when we bought Kraft Singles Cheddar).
She spread Raspberry Preserved from St. Dalfour.
She also packed me bite-sized Cheese Flaky Pastry. (which she bought from Bali)

Thanks Ernestine! You totally made my day (; 
How is your day today?

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