Wednesday, May 30, 2012

003. One of those moments...

This is going to be a random post, but I feel that I need a dose of testosterone. What the heck?
I know right! Too much estrogen. I get emotional about little things that don't matter.
I miss my dad. I miss my grandpa.
They all together in one place in eternity. *sobs* oh geez, don't be a softee.
I miss them dearly madly, deeply, truly.

When I do miss them, I'll try to stop thinking about them because if I do it will bring me to tears. And I'm in a place where no tears are allowed.

I am pretty good at distracting my brain (ooh so this is why I find it hard to concentrate) and Google is my-distraction-partner. Together we discover things, LOTS OF things...
Like how I found this cute wooden spoons with Grandpa quotes. I love them! Kevin has other wooden spoons with quotes on their handles.

Wooden Spoons by Kevin Bevill

In the moment like this, I always remember..
Learn to treasure the people around you. No matter how INCREDIBLY annoying they can be, love them.
Learn to be the blessing for those around you. By words or by action, everything counts.

I miss the men of my life xo

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